Earth GIS

Data Management

  • Precise Map DataConsistency and precision with guarantees of quality assurance in maintaining spatial data, coupled with automated and semi automated routines for sharing information (such as Python scripting).
  • Online MappingWeb applications for displaying data to end users and third parties, allowing users to readily identify sites and visualize geographical information as part of real-world decision making.
  • CartographyMap production from single products to map series consisting of dozens or even hundreds of tiles
  • GIS Statistical AnalysisProvision of geo-statistics and change monitoring, for example Excel spreadsheets of Land Management area totals.
  • Cost-Benefit.. all the above included as part of the same Spatial Data Management service, representing significant cost savings.

GIS Auditing and Reporting

  • Apps Transition and Complete System Auditing
    Not just GIS but entire systems analysis and Production of Application Overview Documents covering Architecture and Operating systems, all technologies involved including Database and Software engineering, Tools, Communication Mechanisms and Security, Risks, Known Issues and Support model frameworks.
  • Large-scale Data Analysis, Audit and Clean-up
    Data Services such as linking, matching, joining and merging data as well as analysis of large datasets in spreadsheet and database format, auditing and Spatial Data Cleaning. For example duplicate removal, sliver removal, geocoding and attribute linking, cleaning of overlaps in land use data, linking and building of seamless integrated networks in line datasets.

    Datasets contribute to each other - by combining with skill, care and attention you build a more accurate picture of the real world.
  • UK Government Data
    Specializing in Town Planning and Heritage datasets, UK Utility datasets, and UK Land Management data. Market leader in linking and joining Heritage and Listed Building datasets (Historic England) to UK Town Planning datasets.
  • Change Auditing
    Not only maintaining GIS data with precision but also in recording any changes to data and producing statistics, reports and hardcopy plans. This is useful when legally binding contracts for customers are based upon the geographical areas mapped within data, and any change affects budgets with third parties. Precision matters.
  • Geocoding
    Adding a geographical element to any textual or non-geographical data.
  • Bulk Coordinate Conversion
    Conversion of any Geographical dataset from any geographical projection to another.

ArcGIS ® and Python

  • Data Updating and Dissemination
    Python scripts in combination with ArcGIS Model Builder for daily/weekly jobs for moving, manipulating, cleaning and disseminating Geographical data with efficiency and precision. For example regular Oracle Spatial (SDO) to ESRI Feature Class (ArcSDE) extract scripts, format conversion e.g. convert GIS Tab files to Shapefiles, split or combine datasets, unzip, move and copy files, and find data anomalies such as spatial outliers.
  • Automated Map Production
    Production of data-driven map series based on data locations - not in the way that ArcGIS Data Driven Pages works with map tiling schemes, but on the actual map data locations. In other words, automated production of map products based on each parish/village/town/development, unlimited in number, all produced at the click of a button.
  • ArcTools and Python Toolkits
    Development of custom tools in python for performing enhanced data processing beyond what is supplied with the built in tools within ArcMap/ArcCatalog. Incorporation of custom tools into Model Builder allowing combination into new and existing models.


  • Cartographic Services
    Beautifully presented maps and graphics for customers to express their geographical data clearly and attractively. From precisely scaled and symbolized cartographic map series to one-off generalized graphics, precise mapping products to allow users to present their arguments in ways that are not only eye-catching but also factually precise and easy to follow.
  • Generalization, Symbology and De-cluttering
    Skilled cartographic techniques to ensure that the desired information is always conveyed cleanly with no room for doubt or misinterpretation. Cartographic principles; Sensible scaling, logical colour schemes and clear, legible labelling of map features produce not only fit for purpose but aesthetically pleasing representations of map data.
  • Graphic Design
    Versatility in the nature of products produced; from precise cartographic maps akin to architectural plans to high level graphical representations such as in forward and future land-use planning. Use of advanced graphical techniques; fade effects, multi-layering and gradients to produce beautiful graphics.
  • Map Series Bulk Finishing
    Production of data-driven map series based on data locations (site based automated map runs) or tiled using Data Driven Pages.

Spatial Analysis

  • Location Data is Everywhere
    In the modern world with mobile devices in abundance every message sent, photo taken and media post uploaded can have a geographical location tagged onto it. Customers need to realize the potential of Spatial data and the security implications both in the workplace and as individuals.
  • Location Matters
    GIS is a vital tool in problem solving in many disciplines; planning the built environment, engineering, agriculture and government administration to name a few. Spatial Analysis can give you the answers, and present them in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand manner using skilled finishing techniques to produce beautiful maps and graphics.
  • Where is the most feasible, or suitable place for housing?
  • Where is the best option for a bypass round a town?
  • How many proposed employment sites are within given towns or cities?
  • How many dwellings within certain deprived areas were built in the last year?
  • Will a planned windfarm have adverse effects on Defence Infrastructure?

  • GIS for Problem Solving
    Spatial Analysis can help provide answers to these questions for customers by using GIS principles and technical expertise; find relationships between geographical datasets and identify natural and man-made constraints on development.
Partners Since inception in 2012 Realitygeo have provided GIS services for the following clients in the UK and Ireland.

  • Wiltshire Council
  • Coillte (Irish Forest Management)
  • CAP Gemini
  • Royal Mail Group
  • Northern Powergrid
  • ARUP
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